Jun 96

Final Bout

Emotion spills over the fences
her senses enslaved to a beat
spelling out heartbreak
pronouncing defeat

Let them dance on their tippy
toes begging of foes to join in
think I’ll sit this one out

On the sidelines with tears
in a bucket oh bucket today
will you spill flooding her borders
stripmining her ills

Let them laugh with their stoney
lips bouncing from fits of sick sin
yes I’ll sit this one out

Prophets plead
I still see
them each on knee
how they plead
how they bleed

“Hear Me o child” reach for
His mercy – repent – return to His word

Agonizing in wait (for a)
chorus of wails
No still she fails
but to sink plundered to and fro
madness adorned on the brink

Let them lie with dead idols
feed from the eyeholes of hell
think I’ll sit this one out
ding ding, round three, final bout