Jan 12

First Principles

You and I both
  agree that there are
First Principles

indeed exist, they form
   the reality around us

think we agree that these
   are absolutes – not flimsy or whimsy

   have been persuaded
that we (the we of humankind)
hold these in hand today,
   or that we shall by the morrow

   have been persuaded
that underlying every principal we will
ever hold in hand,
   is another we have assumed

   do hold many more in our hands today
   than Pascal did. Should
we fail to destroy
   ourselves by 2212,
we shall hold many many more

Maybe we shall cure cancer and hatred,
maybe we will learn they are the same thing and take a scalpel in hand
maybe we are already so mad with greed that we will paint our nickels gold, again
maybe a new word will be spoken
maybe an old word will inspire a new tipping point – will reveal a First Principle

Wisdom is practiced when discerning the intent within the onrushing stream… I speak to you … my waters are muddied with love… I think you recognize it… the coursing element is foundational … principal … but still flows from some deeper well which is only hinted at … only sensed at … by a existence we have only guessed at