Jul 11

In light of

In light of
How then
Given that

Moments occur – they may compel action – they may stoke conviction

Response – slow or quick or just null
A squint a stare an awe an avoid

Truth and Beauty have many consequences

Truth and Beauty have many consequences
Some lay dormant
A seed awaiting triggers – sun water soil
A letter lost in a pile – awaiting cleaning day

“If you know these things”
a frightening phrase – if you know these things
frightening because I do know some of them, enough of them, shit! too many of them

not just an ability to respond
to respond
and maybe
not even that but a requirement
to respond

To respond even in the absence of ability
in the absence of skill and motivation and confidence
Even in the presence of fear
in the presence of weakness and loneliness and despair

And thus…
Can it be said that sin is simply the forsaken response?
The despised calling?

In light of truth – this truth – set before you
In light of beauty – this beauty – sought within you