Jul 11

Raving Jay

Well he wasn’t exactly raving but I always assume the adjective when someone can speak non-stop on political corruption and secret societies and government devised schemes to control the population through drugs and 7 years of antichrist with RFID chips embedded in our skulls and … oh… there I go raving

There was something about Jay that I liked (it wasn’t the smell) there must have been else I would not have stood listening to Jay in the cassette section of the value village for just over an hour (quite literally Ann Perkins) and every so often as I needed to break contact with the crazy eyes of Jay I was thankful for the Bee Gees album catching my eye – glancing away from Jay to Spirits Having Flown thinking how he might explain the existence of the Bee Gees in the first place but being afraid to ask.

Jay did know his scriptures and had lots directly available to his scattered mind and I suspect that may very well have been the very thing keeping me from making a parting excuse and Jay from a padded room.

Tomorrow I think I might just need to go back there, stepping around the lingering smell and the echoing madness and pick up that cassette copy of the Bee Gees.