Apr 00

He stands a great man

He stands a great man
A dead man perhaps
Greatness achieved by the past
Not future for he has none

A bullet or two for the sake of destiny
Or fate for the moment
All we see, speak and think
Took thousands of years of learning, recording, understanding
We are still fools
Children with a loaded gun and no comprehension of death

Pain is universal, our own pain is small and meak
But when we feel, touch, taste others pain we too become great men
Thousands of years of progress and only a few who we consider
Deserving to be called Great men in our history books

Where were the rest of us?
Too busy with our own small and meager pains to even consider greatness
To stop and think about the pain we cause or could fix in a moment

A great man doesn’t understand why he is great, for it is enough to know he is truly a man.