Nov 11

to become a window

so in the midst of Black Friday shopping I realized there is a certain art to it. To be in the maddening crowd without going mad is not easy, people are rude and angry and rude and impatient and oblivious and … Did I mention rude?

I was tempted to start swinging elbows and return the same energy I was receiving from so many and it was then the Zen snuck up on me – everyone is a mirror of sorts, and a scowl transmits thru a tired and taxed crowd like a field fire in a hurricane.

My first step was to stop being a mirror myself, to become a window too look through and simply observe. Immediately I began to live independent of the negative, and I stopped being a contagion for it as well. I took it a step further and smiled into the crowd – attempting to infect it. The experience was odd, it reminded me of experimentation, it reminded me of art.

And this is what seems to remain, the concept of art and its potential to describe more… All of it even