Feb 12

back against marble

My back against marble
Son House in my ears
January ground seeping
into the seat of my jeans

I am elated to have this preview
to finger-read old words in the dark
to find my name
spelled in stone
with all the wrong letters

I am alone and wandering unafraid
whatever spirits may roam here
I am drunk enough to imagine
that they welcome me

Certainly I am no threat
to them – I have almost
forgotten how to intend harm

Realization keeps me and
keeps me warm and hopeful
about cold dirt

I want to tell my digger
to loop the blues eternally in my ears
this man called Son and his mystic guitar
my visitors should hear his soulful echoes emanating up
as they sort cut stems in remembrance of me

In remembrance of me -
carve my name and dates
as the lyrics of hope and despair
immortalize only a song and
remember me by singing it