Archive for June 2011

I was compelled to this page
but once it was no longer empty
Something was lost
It was Something
Something of an altar
A presence of what will be yet is not
A shadow
A teasing
A moment of wonder
A calling for life to arrive

Fashion it of Acacia
A cubit high
Two cubits square
Let it serve your mind
Let it warm your heart

Your greatest work is before you
Behold and worship
Behold and adore
Behold and become

All the proof I will ever need
      proof for or proof against
will be found where I look for it

See I see with eyes forged with desire
      and the colors they will allow
      and the colors they will emit
are under rigid censorship

But how else would passion breathe in this atmosphere
how else could my dry bones come alive
and my skin drink in the joy the wonder the fear

Find within my frame stardust
      yes it is there and it is here
      and yes the stars are still in labor
      giving life even as they die
      and yes the stars are not orphans, nor vagrant vaginas
they too are children loved and servants faithful

I spit or salve but I do so always with anothers  moisture
      I take first I take and take and
by what name do I call these droplets of life in my possession 
            – mine… Really?