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The day has arrived
ink time
The Red-tailed Hawk
Here is a symbolizing of identity
The name Shea – Irish-Gaelic for “Hawk-like”
The Hawk – The Truth Seeker
-this is what I am on better days
and what I desire to be on worse
The Hawk – Teacher of Perception
-this is also part of who I am and who I desire to be
The Hawk – The Protector – Watcher
-this I would also strive to be

These all speak to my values and therefore my identity
perhaps not necessarily fully realized or accomplished
Let this day signify a curtain closing on yesterday
opening to the next act
The stage has a different lighting
the actor bears a new mark
a guiding mark
The Journey have a new force
and the villains have lost strength

Yes – I know ink will not create this change
a decision will
and I am merely choosing to poor my intent into a symbol
A permanent symbol
–well at least as permanent as a right arm can be

Let this tattoo serve me
Let whatever pain results
burn into me
change me
My body will be different after today
Let it be also with my soul