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Emotion spills over the fences
her senses enslaved to a beat
spelling out heartbreak
pronouncing defeat

Let them dance on their tippy
toes begging of foes to join in
think I’ll sit this one out

On the sidelines with tears
in a bucket oh bucket today
will you spill flooding her borders
stripmining her ills

Let them laugh with their stoney
lips bouncing from fits of sick sin
yes I’ll sit this one out

Prophets plead
I still see
them each on knee
how they plead
how they bleed

“Hear Me o child” reach for
His mercy – repent – return to His word

Agonizing in wait (for a)
chorus of wails
No still she fails
but to sink plundered to and fro
madness adorned on the brink

Let them lie with dead idols
feed from the eyeholes of hell
think I’ll sit this one out
ding ding, round three, final bout

Send out the invitation
Welcome death through your door

Scream out for your salvation
while you’re crippled on the floor

Next day without sedation
finds you begging for more

My slave – Punchvein
My soul – Punchvein
My flesh – Punchvein
- Punchvein
Your blood – Punchvein
Your need – Punchvein
Your death – Punchvein
- Punchvein

You grew a bit too accustomed
to the tracks in your hide

Gotta find a higher thrill
Stick the next fix in your eye

Til every artery is scourged
and you’ve disguised your pain
I will remain




Another pot of black coffee
Another countless cigarette
Flip on the news for some company
but it won’t put my mind to rest

The days keep getting longer
My useless mind begins to rot
Sit and stare out a filthy window
Wonder how much more time I’ve got

The word “Alone” can be misconstrued
The word “Life” never means a lot

Obscurity voids my every thought
Lost emotion exiles my soul
Moonlight reflects off a faded dream
and I fear my existence unfolds

I struggle to find a reason
To keep some form of sanity
Self-inflicted isolation
A short-sighted need for solitary

Four walls my only companions
I’ve given each one a name
And I wouldn’t be real surprised
If they were sick of my stupid games.