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Sometimes I imagine that I remember the names of every fellow first-grader That in fact we still have snacktime and storytime and time together to laugh and play not knowing time will bring change and “opportunity” will someday sometime soon separate us I call them brother and sister as we hang upside-down on the monkey…»

Okay you win the Good Maker I have clung to is no more dead and buried in the backwoods “I am the accidental by-product of cosmic whim “Born of matter plus time plus chance. “There is no reason for my existence. “All I face is death. Humankind is nothing but a swarm of flies buzzing…»

was the maker lonely up to the time the maker made? or merely curious to discover what a fabricated will would do or say maybe the maker has always been making universe after universe each divided by plastic orange fences each using a new ingredient or spice in the recipe for free will each seeing…»

It could have been kid it could have been different it could have been me and you back to back against our foes kickin ass and grasping big ol handfuls of glory laughing like pirates cuz it was just too easy “Those scurvy dogs never knew what hit ‘em” we’d say to each other and…»

All used cups – 99 cents and there is one well-used A bit delicate A sharp lip The floral design fading into china white She drank her coffee black I conclude with a tipping look or perhaps a single sugar cube but certainly this cup lived its life favorited It has rested beside many morning…»

in my revenge daydream You write an essay to the teacher about how wrong it is to be wrong and how doubly wrong it is to wrong someone like me and for your third point you challenge Buddha to be more enlightened than you are since you learned you were wrong in my revenge daydream…»

I just had that rush That spine prickle-tickle That waft from the muse garden I don’t know what to say with it except I am delighted I am hopeful I am inspired so come close and listen to me dream The world has forgotten how to disdain the person I am the person you are…»

I found it today as I sifted through my malice mix this liquid called intent rub it deep into the callous Came across the finish square so long ago, I felt the flame rolled the dice once more but backwards I couldn’t quit the game I found it today as descriptions beg for air I…»

I made a confession it took some doing I shaped it just so as though I had honest hands and painful years of mastery in the craft of it I planed its nether edge and inlaid its surface facing corners I padded its shadows with velvet then I ripped it back out see there some…»

My back against marble Son House in my ears January ground seeping into the seat of my jeans I am elated to have this preview to finger-read old words in the dark to find my name spelled in stone with all the wrong letters I am alone and wandering unafraid whatever spirits may roam here…»

it’s a new morning I sit in the new chair wrapped in the old red blanket listening to new jazz touching new words to paper pushing old thoughts out into the new light of day darkness is receding – fleeing that is why I like this time because it is as if light is coming…»

Leaves dim against the sky Focus makes a shift into blue That moment arrives and I treasure it plunge my fingers into it And even as I wrap my body around it it is leaving me… don’t go… goodbye Another comes playful on its heels but I have a fork in my mouth so it…»

Of all the things I have ever wanted to be of all the roles I would step into and of all the masks I would wear and of all the paths I would wander and of all the bells I would ring and of all the songs I would write of all the identities which I…»

He practiced Until He was able to play Who he was